Why Owning a Pool is a Great Investment for Your Health


Getting active and moving each day is important for staying healthy and feeling good, but with today’s busy lifestyles it can be hard to find time for meaningful physical activity. We’d much rather spend time with our family and friends than get hot and sweaty at a gym, especially since it takes up a lot of extra time with driving there, working out, showering, changing and then driving home. This is why getting a swimming pool installed is a fantastic way to get active each day – you don’t have to go anywhere, and there are so many health benefits of pool ownership too. Here are four reasons why you should invest in a pool to help improve your (and your family’s) health.


Work out your whole body

When you swim, you’re performing exercise that targets all of your major muscle groups, and there are only a few types of exercise that do this. Instead of working out and targeting just one area at a time, like you would on most exercise machines, you’re using your arms, legs and core as you swim. This is referred to as a total-body workout and is a great way to get in shape and tone up.


Low-impact exercise

People with joint problems such as knee pain, arthritis and other conditions can’t perform most exercises as they are too aggressive on the joints and can cause more problems. Swimming is an excellent way for those with injuries and other medical issues to get moving and get their heart pumping to burn those calories, thanks to taking the strain and weight off your joints unlike other ways of exercising.


Help relieve back pain

A quick dip in your pool each day does wonders for easing back pain and discomfort. If your day consists of lots of standing without proper foot support, or sitting hunched over at your computer, give your back a break by getting into your pool. You’ll also be helping to reduce your chances of developing a spinal condition in the future.


Improved core strength

If you’re not a fan of crunches or sit-ups but still want to work out your abs and core muscles, swimming regularly is a great way to do so. You’ll strengthen your core without even noticing because you’re constantly using it to stay afloat. Sounds much easier than crunches, doesn’t it?


Instead of paying for a gym membership or following along with boring workout videos, why not invest in a swimming pool to stay healthy in a fun and low-impact way. People of all ages can benefit from the wonderful health effects of swimming, and it’s one of the most enjoyable ways to exercise.

*Please note that you should speak with your doctor before embarking on any new exercise regime.

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